Amqis was established in 1991 and based in London,

Our total focus on effective telemarketing solutions and our reputation for quality ensures we are chosen to act as the voice of many of the world's leading organisations.

Offering a full range of unscripted outbound B2B telemarketing services and with millions of calls made each year across every sector, we have built a unique depth of expertise and insight. Whether we are working for a blue chip client, an SME or a public body, all our telemarketing campaigns are proactively developed by our team to maximise return on investment. Find out more about our lead generation services and B2B market research services.

We are able to handle both large campaigns, which involve several operators over several weeks, days or months, or undertake just a few hours per week to suit a smaller business. By offering the flexibility of short or long-term telemarketing campaign enable sour clients to not only control their costs and budget but ensures that they are not committed to un-necessary long-term contracts.

With our own database of over 1.7 million UK businesses, whilst we are telemarketing on your behalf, as well as establishing immediate interest in your company’s products or services we are continually building your future interest ‘pot’ and database cleansing at the same time.


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